The New Robe

Peter Raises Tabitha

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About this Video:

Tabitha was well known for helping the widows and the poor in her village.  When she died, the people were sad.  But Peter had compassion and, with God’s help, was able to raise Tabitha from the dead.  

This miracle allowed the people of the village to see how God loves and cares for those who show love to others.  The miracle changed Tabitha and her family and had an impact on those around her as well.  Because of Peter’s miracle, God’s power was made known to the people in Tabitha’s family and village.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What do you think happened to Tabitha after she was raised from the dead?

  2. What do you think her family or the people in Joppa thought about seeing Tabitha alive again?

  3. Do you think seeing her alive again would help her neighbors believe Isa was the son of God?

Background to the story:

  • This story basically follows Acts 9:32-43.  

  • The companion story of Peter healing a lame man named Aeneas in Lydda has been edited out of this story to focus on Tabitha.

Reference - Acts 9:32-43