The Food Test

Daniel at the King's Table

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About this video:

This story shows how Daniel and his friends stand firm in their beliefs and ultimately impress and influence a King and his royal court.  

Daniel and his friends were being force to eat the King’s royal food and wine, even though they knew it was not good for them. They proposed a test that allowed them to eat their healthy food and show the King how it would help them in the long run to be stronger and more energetic.  In the end, their test proved that their diet and commitment to good living made a difference and the King rewarded them for their wisdom.

Questions to consider:

  1. Do you think Daniel and his friends were afraid to ask for special consideration by the King?  Would you be afraid?

  2. Does doing the right thing make your life harder?

  3. How do you think the King and his court reacted when Daniel’s test proved successful?  

  4. Is it hard to stand up for what you know is right when others want you to do wrong?

Background to the story:

  • God had listed clean and unclean foods during the time of Moses.  Daniel’s ‘test’ was a way to honor God by not eating the unclean foods being offered by the Babylonians.

  • This story connects Daniel’s desire for purity to God’s blessing Daniel with skills, knowledge and understanding of dreams and visions.  

  • This story explains Daniel’s abilities and sets the stage for Daniel’s success in interpreting dreams and visions of others in the rest of the book of Daniel.

Reference - Daniel 1:1-20