The Battle is the Lord's

David and Goliath

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About the Video:

Jesse’s youngest son, David, was just a shepherd boy, but he stood up to the Philistine army’s most fearsome soldier, Goliath.  Without fear, David relied on his God to help him defeat the enemy of the Lord’s people.

For 40 days, the Israelite army held back in fear that they could not defeat this giant.  Finally, a young shepherd boy named David stepped forward and accepted the challenge.  Praying to God for help, he used just a sling and some stones and was able to kill the mighty Goliath, which won the battle for the Israelite army.  This event set the stage for David to become a great leader of his people and changed the faith of his family for generations to come because of his inner strength and reliance on God.

Questions to Consider:

  1. How would you feel seeing and hearing for 40 days the giant Goliath challenge the Israelite soldiers to battle?

  2. Why do you think David was not afraid of Goliath?

  3. Was David relying on his skill as a shepherd or his faith in God to enable him to defeat Goliath?

  4. Do you believe God can help you face and overcome the giant difficulties in your life?

Background to the Story:

  • As part of this story, David is introduced to King Saul which leads to his chance to begin serving the King.

  • David had secretly been anointed as the next king of Israel to replace Saul.  This story confirms that David, because of his faith in God, has the ability to fight for and lead Israel.

  • Fulfilling prophecies from centuries before, one of David’s descendants was the long awaited Messiah of the Israelites known as Jesus.

Reference - 1 Samuel 17